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I’m still here…

Sorry about the break there. Things got busy work wise and I loaned my camera out so I didn’t even have any new pictures from around the house.

Eric has arrived though, and so big things are afoot. Eric is the excavator, he’s going to be doing the final grading around the house, installing the septic bed, and right now, he’s digging the trench for the wind generator cable. It’s quite the trench. It’s about 3 feet deep, 2 feet wide and runs 680 feet from the top of the back hill all the way down to the house. The trench is dug, and the wire’s down in it, tomorrow we’ll back fill the whole thing. First we dump in about half the dirt then run a line of trench tape down, the tape lets future diggers know that there’s a buried cable in place and to beware. Then we fill the rest.

And Eric has just returned, so I have to go work.  Here’s the pictures from today and I’ll post more tonight or tomorrow.