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Long day, big disappointment

So after waiting all morning for the inspector to show up and check out the plumbing, he finally arrived at 3:30. We ended up working until 8pm getting the foam and wire set up for the slab pour on Friday. Only to find out when we got home that the pour wasn’t going to happen until next week. Every time we get ahead something holds us back.



Foam and Wire

Sunday we were back at the land. This time we were laying the foam underlayment for the slab, and the wire that goes above it. The radiant in-floor heating coils will be tied to the wire mesh which will be in the centre of the slab. How do they get the wire mesh into the centre of the slab? They have poles with hooks and while they’re pouring they hook the wire and pull it up.

Ian and Tiffany came out to help as well as my parents. Tiff was sporting some seriously snazzy new workboots. We don’t have pictures of the boots but we have lots of others.

The dogs always find interesting shady spots to watch the work.



So this Saturday, after the excitement of actually breaking ground, we found out that the guys who were going to do the footings went bust, the plumber and radiant floor guy quit (too busy), and the window company isn’t returning phone calls. Paul says I have to document these things so that I can look back and laugh…

On a plus, I have already replaced the radiant floor guy.